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Check out my work.

You can find more of my code on GitHub.

VTrifleet 4.4

Trifleet 4.4

Trifleet is responsible for handling the leasing of the millions of shipping containers owned by Triton Container International. It is a J2EE application that at the time utilized Struts version 1 for MVC and Oracle for the database. Everyone on the team developed using intellij with jUnit and Selenium testing. An automated TeamCity build would be kicked off on each commit to the main SVN repo. When the build was completed an automated test run would be started to maintain the correct functionality through code changes. This allowed for continuous integration on the Trifleet project.

VKentucky Transportation Center

Kentucky Transportation Center

This web application was built using Expression Engine. The Kentucky Transportation Center needed a site that allowed users to checkout various videos online from their lending library, and sign up for courses and classes offered through the center. I wrote custom plugins to handle checking out books which is essentially a shopping cart without a purchasing section. I also wrote a plugin to perform batch insertions for course and class data, this made it easier to enter the multitude of classes that are offered every month. On top of that I developed almost all of the markup, CSS, and javascript for the site.Site design done by Able Engine

VArab Horse Market

Arab Horse Market

This site was built using 68 Classifieds, a CMS made specifically for creating and hosting classified ads. The project was originally slated to use another CMS called "Noahs Classifieds" however after evaluation of both I made the decision that 68 Classifieds was the way to go.Site design done by Able Engine

VHenry Brown Bags

Henry Brown Bags

This site was developed on the Shopify platform. Unlike Zen-Cart this was way more fun to work with. Shopify provided some unique challenges particularly when it came adding monograming to the products. I wrote a fair amount of custom code to allow users to monogram their product with a number of different options including font, color, placement, and obviously text. The monogram then had to be carried through the checkout process and appear on the order, none of which Shopify handles natively.Site design done by Able Engine

VEagle Rock Brewery

Eagle Rock Brewery

This is another Expression Engine site. I was responsible for all of the markup, CSS, and Javascript of the site. I really stretched EE to it's limit with content entry. Most entries had several fields and at least one additional category to group them by. This is probably my favorite EE site I have completed. I feel like there weren't any hacks or compromises that were made and the code is very clean and well organized.Site design done by Able Engine

VFDI Medical

FDI Medical

This was a very challenging site to develop. Mainly due to the requirement of using Zen Cart, which is an E-Commerce framework. Zen Cart is fine in an extremely limited scope but once I started having to write some custom PHP to get the desired theme setup, it was apparent that this framework was not created for a developer. As you can see I was able to work around many of the issues I came across but to date I feel there are much better offerings out there. Site design done by Able Engine

VGamer Game On

Gamer Game On

This is a personal project of mine. I did all the design work and code myself. It is also what brought about my fairly popular YouTube API library that I wrote for CodeIgniter. Everything on the site was hand coded by myself built using the CodeIgniter framework.

VLeft a Note

Left a Note

Another personal project, that was entirely hand coded by myself. I used a micro framework called SLIM to create a fully RESTful webservice. I then used JQuery Mobile to develop a mobile web app that has a completely native feel. It works great on both Android and iOS. The app also uses a custom JQuery plugin I developed called jqScribble. The webservice also connects with Twitter and Facebook to post any new notes.Site design done by Joe DaSilva

VUK President's blog on Facebook

UK President's blog on Facebook

The University of Kentucky required that the blog of their president, Eli Capilouto, be made available on his facebook page. To do this I created a static PHP page that pulled the RSS feed from the president's blog and displayed the entries. To handle the RSS I used a PHP library called SimplePie the rest of the code was all standard hand written PHP. I also hand styled the page to make it closely resemble the way the entries look on the actual blog. A little extra styling was added to make sure the page would look good in the Facebook app at any size.

VThis Site

This Site

This site is actually built using a custom CMS I am developing called "Feed Forge". Feed Forge is built off the CodeIgniter frame work and has a similar feel to Expression Engine. The difference being that Feed Forge tries to mimic Drupals database structure for nodes. To find out more about Feed Forge visit the GitHub Repo.