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Stuff I may or may not be working on.

You can find more of my code on GitHub.



IMA is an image editing tool. It allows you to alter remote images via simple URL commands. It was built using Twitter Bootstrap with a custom theme, Font Awesome, Slim PHP, and Imagick (a PHP Imagemagick wrapper).

This project should be functional but is very rough around the edges.



This is a personal project of mine hand coded using CodeIgniter and GeSHi. It is very similar to pastebin or github gists with a unique twist. The commenting system allows users to give relevant code feedback on a line by line basis. Just click any line in a code review to leave a comment.

I was invited to participate in Seedcamp New York 2012 for this project. I didn't win but it was an amazing experience and I learned a ton.

NOTE: Codetique has been moved off its production domain and into an experimental one. Mainly because I don't plan on supporting it anymore but I still want to show it off. Everything should still work as expected but keep in mind that it no longer has an SSL cert so anything you post is not encrypted.